Electrician Services

    Experienced with a wide variety of commercial and industrial electrical contracting services. We are able to provide competitive pricing and advice to increase potential efficiencies and cost savings.

    Commercial Electrical Contractor

    Commercial electrician contractor in Saskatoon, SK working for companies of all sizes on a multitude of projects including; office buildings, shopping centres, restaurants, etc.

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    Industrial Electrical Contractor

    We offer industrial strength industrial electrical contractor services based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Our electrical contracting work covers companies and organizations of a wide range of industries including hospitals, schools, airport hangars and more.

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    Data & Fibre Optics

    Certified in data cabling and fibre optics. Also, Amp Certified for the installation, design and maintenance of data cabling.

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    Thinking About Going Electric?

    Buying an electric car is a big investment. Did you know it may also require an upgrade to your home’s electrical system? No problem, we can get you connected!

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    BCE Office

    About BCE

    Founded in 1964 when Dennis Morgan and Jim Campbell joined forces.

    From modest beginnings — to now being recognized as one of Saskatchewan's leading commercial & industrial electrical contractors.

    BCE employs up to 80 people with a fleet of 25 trucks to serve the province of Saskatchewan.

    Meet Our Team

    Commitment to Safety

    We take safety and project management very seriously.

    We understand that a safe and efficient work environment contributes to our success.

    Our project managers and electricians are trained to use new project management methods and technologies to ensure our work sites run as smoothly as possible.

    When we work smart, we can work safe. That is good for our people, our company and our customers.

    Some of our Customers

    Since 1964


    What our Customers are Saying

    Amazing work. This company is a must for any commercial electrical work!!


    We have been working with Bridge City Electric on our commercial electrical projects for well over a decade.

    Their quality and workmanship are second to none, however, the primary reason we continue to partner with them goes back to their commitment to finding solutions that are beneficial to all project stakeholders.

    Their dedication to doing the right thing fits well with our dedication to the same.


    Good communication and work done in a timely manner. 5/5 I recommend Bridge City Electric! Looking forward to working with them in the future.


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